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Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook: Vegan Cuisines from Around the World (Hardback)

Kids & Culture Camp Cookbook: Vegan Cuisines from Around the World (Hardback)

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Ready for an incredible cultural culinary journey?

  • Paperback book 100 pages 
  • 35 beautifully illustrated delicious plant-based and dairy-free recipes
  • From the Americas, the Caribbean, the Islands of the World, African Fare, Asia, and Australia
  • Confidently kid-tested and approved
  • Emphasizes connections between food, culture, and understanding
  • Provides insight into the history of the dishes and ingredients

KCC's cookbook takes your taste buds on an interactive culinary journey to sample a variety of cuisines from different regions. Similar to Kids & Culture Camp’s programming, in which all learning is experiential, the recipes in KCC's cookbook teach children about a variety of culturally significant dishes and ingredients by describing the foods that are typical in different regions and encouraging children to prepare and consume the dishes themselves.

Children who participate in the preparation of their own meals are more inclined to eat what they have made, and by preparing the recipes presented in KIDS & CULTURE CAMP'S COOKBOOK, children are given the opportunity to refine their palates while expanding their horizons and learning about new and different cultures through the prism of food.


Written by Jania Otey, an inspiring author-educator, vegan foodie of over 20 years, and meticulous master of cultural programming. She is the Founder and CEO of Kids & Culture, LLC, an educational enrichment company that instills excitement and appreciation for learning about cultures and countries worldwide in children ages 3-12. Education is one of Jania's primary passions. The fruit of her labor is evident in her offspring. Jania and her husband home-educated their two sons from birth. Their oldest graduated from high school at age 16 and entered college as a full-time student, just one credit shy of being a junior. Her youngest is also on track to graduate early.

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